• Boston Indian Wedding Photography at Quincy Marriott

    Boston Indian Wedding Photography at Quincy Marriott

    We had a Great time photographing Praveen and Neha at their Indian wedding celebration! The traditional 2 day ceremony was full of dancing colors and fun at the Quincy Marriott!

    After preparations and some quick photos of the couple, it was time to start the Baraat. The groom had a gorgeous white horse and plenty of loud music and enthusiastic family members dancing him into the Milni portion of the ceremony. 

    The procession to the mandap begins after much fanfare. The bride and groom's shoes are stolen and will need to be bargained for later!

    The ceremony is conducted by Dr. Jayant Sane, and he begins with a series of blessings.

    The bride's parents offer their daughter's hand to the groom through the symbolic gesture of holy water flowing from their hands, through the couple's to be collected by the groom's other in a ceremony known as Kanya Daan.

    Next, the Varmala, sacred string is placed around the bride and groom to protect them from evil influences. 

    The bride and groom walk around the fire four times symbolizing the walk of life and touch a rock with their feet as a symbol of their strength together. The first 3 times around the fire are lead by the groom; the fourth time lead by the bride. After the fourth time around a traditional game is played between the couple to see who can sit down faster...the one who sits first will ultimately rule the household.

    After the Saptapadi, or 7 steps, the groom places a gold and black bead necklace around the bride's neck, called Mangal Sutra,  and rings are exchanged. 

    Married women offer the bride wisdom through whispers in her ear and the couple offer each other sweets before paying respects to family and the priest by touching their feet, and also negotiating a sum with the bride's family to get their shoes back prior to recessing from the Mandap!

    The bride's vision for the reception was flawlessly carried out by the wonderful staff at the Quincy Marriott.

    After a wardrobe change and some quick photos it was time for the official reception portion of the day-long party to begin!